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Add support for Nics by name in VCS for windows

Created: 16 Jul 2013 • Updated: 20 Aug 2013 | 1 comment
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I've just had to setup a SFW cluster to host a NetBackup Master server for a customer with a complex environment.

They have 20 backup VLAN's. Its not that many, but enough to cause a problem.

Their Master server nodes are connected to a dedicated backup network using a pair of LACP bonded 10 GbE NICS. We created 20 vNICs to support the VLANs (using the miniport driver supplied by the NIC vendor)

When I came to configure the backup IP resources I found a problem in that the IP agent requires that the IP's it monitors have the MAC address of the NIC they are bound too.

All 3 teaming software packages I tried(intel/Broadcom/Emulex) did not allow MAC spoofing and so when adding the 20 Virtual IP's they decided to all bind to 1 vNIC, and obviously only 1 IP address worked (only 1 IP was on the correct VLAN).I got round this by using a netsh script to add and remove the IP's as part of the online/offline process, but they are not monitored by VCS.

I would like to see VCS for windows built in agent for windows support the ability to bind an IP address to a card name as an option (as it is on the *nixes eg "bond0.1234"). I cant imaging its a lot to ask, this functionality has been built into windows since 2003.

(netsh interface ip add address name="interface name" ipaddress subnetmask)
(netsh interface ip delete address name="interface name" ipaddress)


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Hi @toady777, I heard back from the product management team, and they recommended going through the official process of working with your account team for something like this exception.

Thanks for your suggestion!



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