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Adding Active Directory Lookup from LH Custodian Notice

Created: 20 Nov 2012 • Updated: 14 Nov 2014
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When creating a new legal hold custodian notice the form where you add your custodian notice information has the ability to "Add Custodians". However, it directs you to the cusodian page that seems to refer to the Employee List. From this particular area you do not have the ability to add new custodians from Active Directory (create button allows you to manually enter a custodian NOT from AD). You need to get out of the legal custodian notice form, navigate to the Employee List list, import your custodians from AD then create your Legal Hold custodian notice. This is a very inefficient way of creating and managing your custodian notices. Especially when you have over 1500 employees to be added as custodians and an AD directory containing over 35,000 objects (not practical to import all of AD).

IDEA: add a button that will allow you to select custodians directly from Active Directory from this screen.