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Adding new feature to Veritas Cluster Service

Created: 04 Dec 2011 • Updated: 18 Jan 2012 | 2 comments
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While using Veritas Cluster Service I had only one thing that was missing to me...

and that it prescript and postscript (for resource/service group).

It would help me a lot and some other people that I've talked to alot.

For instance:

I could create a pre-script to mount resource that would create the directory on the other side if it doesn't exist.

By the way, I think this could be added to the mount type as a checkbox to create if it doesn't exist so that mount wont fail.

But the pre/post script could help for some other thing as well.

Hope it makes sense,


Or Tzabary.

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VCS  supports are variety of "triggers" for both pre and post processing relative to Service Group operations.  You will be best served by reading up the options for Pre-Online and Post Offline actions. With the release of 6.0 this month, there will be additional enhancements to that framework allowing for a more granular trigger execution.

The Mount agent as of  VCS 5.1 includes the new attribute CreateMntPt.  This will allow you to create the Mount Point Directory dynamically if it does not already exist. What version of VCS are you working with currently?

Hope this helps,

Joe D

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There is already a post started for this idea -

And as Joe says, there is no need for scripts for Mount points from 5.1 and even if there wasn't this could be implemented as a preonline for service group, rather than resource.


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