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Allow archiving and/or deletion by custodian

Created: 08 Oct 2013
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Please submit an enhancement request to allow archiving and/or deletion by custodian.  The current process will archive and/or delete an entire Case or Collection but there is no way to archive/delete certain custodians data from a Collection or a Case without archiving/deleting the entire Case or Collection.  We have found that we would like to be able to preserve some custodian’s data longer than others within a single case and because of limited license capacity, it would be beneficial to be able to archive custodians from a case, while leaving others there, and possibly bringing in additional custodians in the case once others have been archived off.  This request has been made from our Legal Department on multiple occasions and they are frustrated that we do not currently have this functionality in Clearwell. 

In conversations with Symantec Support, I understand that selective deleting may be viewed as violating the defensibility of the data and work product but that archiving selectively shouldn't be an issue or violation of defensibility.  If it is decided that deleting selectively is a violation of defensibility, please at least add the archival by custodian functionality as this is really needed to work within the limits of our license capacity.