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Allow for 'include' IP-ranges in DLO 'connection policies'

Created: 21 Nov 2012 • Updated: 21 Nov 2012
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When using IP ranges in a DLO backup profile's 'connection policies', the only options available for the range are to limit/disable the backup options. Setting two or more "are not" ranges effectively disables ALL ip addresses, as a user's range membership is 'or'-ed together. E.g. our institution uses two separate network blocks, x.x/16 and 10/8. Setting two policies:

    "are not" x.x.0.0->x.x.255.255 -> disable
    "are not"> disable

disables all backups, as every host is in at least one of those two blocks: "true or false" -> "true".

The work around is to exclude the blocks which are NOT part of the allowable range. In our case, that's 3 blocks:

    "are"> -> disable
    "are" -> x.(x-1).255.255 -> disable
    "are" x.(x+1).255.255  -> -> disable

It would be nice if DLO had the option to explicitly list which IP blocks CAN be backed up from, e.g.

     if (client ip is in range X) then yes please back it up.