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Archiving Entire Mailboxes with EV

Created: 21 Oct 2009 • Updated: 24 May 2011 | 4 comments
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Status: On Roadmap

Currently the only way I am aware of to archive an entire mailbox (for legal reasons or prior to disabling/removing old mailboxes) is using EVPM.

It would be great if there was a wizard in the GUI that would allow you archive an entire mailbox while providing the following features:

  • One time archive (for a litigation hold or legal request) then restore original policy.
  • Archival prior to disabling/removing a mailbox
  • Archive all items (including calendar, tasks, notes, etc) or select which items to archive
  • Create or don't create shortcuts


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I agree. We would like to archive leaving employees mailboxes without taking all the steps we do now.

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I've got a policy setup in my Provisioning groups called "Dearly Departed." It's for people that have left the company for whatever reason. It's always the #1 provisioning group, so it processes before any other group.

The idea is that when someone leaves, you already have a procedure for addressing their accounts, emails, etc. Well, either augment or add a step to that whereby you make them a member of an AD group called "Terminated," or whatever. That is the single criteria for the DD provisioning group. When the task runs, it applies a 0-0-0 policy to the mailbox archiving and has an item type rule to archive absolutely everything. That way, 24 hours after they're added to that AD group (48 if you have safety copies turned on), their mailbox should be empty. Then you can disable them for archiving and delete their account.

Now to your point, Jeff, You could set up a policy like that which can be applied as needed to any account based on a special AD group. Once all info has been archived, you remove them from that group and they are now resumed to their regular provisioning policy. The nice thing is, using this method for someone under investigation, you can remove their ability to delete, thus making their archive more complete. Of course, if you're talking about investigating someone, you probably should be using journal archiving with Discovery Accelerator, but that's another thread!



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As Mark outlines above there is a workaround to getting a leavers policy in place using provisioning groups. As a product enhancement though I like it and we are considering functionality around this for a future EV release.

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Our FREE "Archive Leavers" tool does exactly this.

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