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Attaching Archived Emails to New Email

Created: 20 Jun 2012 • Updated: 31 Jul 2012 | 2 comments
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Status: Reviewed

Item to enhance: Enterprise Vault Outlook Add-In

Enhancement: Drag and drop or “Attach Item\Outlook Item”  which causes an attached archive message to attach the shortcut and not the original message

Only happens with a new email or first replying/forwarding to an email

If selecting 1 or more messages and then using the Forward, the original is retrieved

Example of issue:

  1. Create new message
  2. Select more than one archived messages (shortcuts) in Inbox or another folder
  3. Drag and drop these messages into the new email
  4. Or, in the new email click on “Attach Item\Outlook Item” and then 1 or more archived message(s)

The shortcuts are attached not the original message(s)

Example of working method using same archived messages:

  1. Select the same archived messages as above
  2. Click on Forward on the toolbar or right-click then Forward

The original messages are retrieved and attached, not the shortcuts.

This issue has caused much confusion and resistance from users and the new archiving system (EV)

Thank you.

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That's by design and there are a number of limitations where EV cannot intercept those calls to when different methods of forwarding are used sonit has to be from the toolbar and nothing else

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That is correct and while "by design" sounds like a bit of a cop out there are no integration points in Outlook to enable EV to intercept those drag and drop events and fire an item retrieval request. Overall a potential solution to this problem can be found with the use of Virtual Vault where item drag and drop (exactly as described above) will always involve the original content and never the shortcut content.

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