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Auto Suggest to avoid duplicate forums

Created: 31 May 2011 • Updated: 16 Jun 2011 | 4 comments
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Status: On Roadmap

Hi Connect

Unlike in Google, search while type, This can be helpful at the time of creating new forum , window can be stacked in left/right pane which can suggest automatically based on criteria.

This can help moderators and others avoiding new comers creating duplicate forums.

Apologize if this is duplicate ;-)


Vaibhav Panchal

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Its very good idea just like where when we type a few keywords it shows as searches in that way we can avoid too much typing also!

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Are you envisaging something similar to Google Instant? I would actually vote against it because it would burden the server with too much of requests from a fast typing user besides overwhelm the browser who might be preferring to type the full search on his own.

On a personal preference I disable smart assist features like this including Google Instant.

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captain jack sparrow's picture

Anyhow due to duplicate forums server storage would have got extra burden .. which ultimately impacts the server performances..

Atleast this can reduce storage (and avoid duplicate forums) also it would be helpful for end users  especially for those who are layman on this connect.

I agree instant search works in realtime , syncs with server in realtime for reponding the typed queries....

 Cheers !!!


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This is on the Connect roadmap, but isn't high on the priority list. We hope to offer this in the future. See this thread:

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