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Automated Backup of LiveUpdate Administrator 2.x Configuration File

Created: 27 Aug 2012
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At the current time, it is possible to export the configuration of a LiveUpdate Administrator 2.x server in case there is ever a need to reinstall and re-import the settings.  The following article contains instructions on the manual step necessary to do this.

How to backup and restore LiveUpdate Administrator (LUA) configuration in LUA 2.3
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In some disaster recovery situations that have occurred, though, the only available config file for the LUA 2.x server was very old.  While it was better than nothing, having an up-to-date config file would have saved the company precious time and ensured that all configured products, schedules, tasks etc were accurately re-created.

It would be an excellent addition to the product's features if whenever a change was made to the server's configuration, a new config file was exported automatically.  This .zip could either be saved locally or (a better option, in case the whole LUA server machine is lost) sent to the email address configured for notification mails.  That way the admin would always have a copy of the current config should they need to rebuild and re-import.