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Automatic movement of Outlook items to zz_retention

Created: 30 Jul 2011 • Updated: 27 Sep 2011 | 2 comments
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Status: In Review

It would be helpful if the following capability was available for an end-user:

  1. Set the number of days that Outlook items should be retained in the Sent Items and Deleted Items folders before they are automatically moved to the zzRetention folder (or sub-folders).

  2. Set the number of days that Outlook items should be retained in the zzRetention folder (or sub-folders) before they are permanently deleted.

  3. Set the frequency by which items are moved (e.g., each day, each hour, every four hours) to the zzRetention folder (or sub-folders).

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I'm not following exactly the functionality you are requesting here? Could you explain a little more regarding the use case here please?

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Hi Alex,

Since Outlook items are queued for eVaulting merely by placing them in the zzRetention folder, and since Outlook's global search feature appears to include the zzRetention folder (or any sub-folders), it is valuable to keep the maximum number of emails either in the Inbox, Sent Items, Deleted Items or the zzRetention folders, constrained only by the Outlook size set by the Exchange administrator.

Since each user processes varying amounts of emails, I was thinking it would be helpful to enable each user to 'dial in' the settings that best enable them to keep the largest number of emails without bumping into their Outlook ceiling and not being able to send emails until items are removed from those folders.

Does that additional information clarify the request?


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