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Backup Exec 2012

Created: 27 Aug 2013 | 3 comments
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We tried to move toBE 2012, but had to go back to BE2010 when we found out BE2012 could not easily create one job which backed up all servers to tape.  We send tapes offsite every week so for now we have to stick our tape system, which means BE2012 will not work for us.  We just recently purchased 7 Linux agents, and we've found out that BE2010 will not support Ubuntu 11.04 so to get the correct agent for Ubuntu, we would have to upgrade to BE2012 which we cannot do.  We were part of a focus group last summer and the person told us that BE2012 would be fixed in a service pack within 6 months.  That has not happened.  We would like to see this issue fixed.

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I think you have misunderstood my comments.  We are not worried about Windows Server 2012.

1.  We backup multiple servers consecutively to tapes which go offsite.

2.  Backup Exec 2012 does not handle 1 job with multiple servers consecutively to tape very well.

3.  Therefore, we have stayed on Backup Exec 2010 R3.

4.  We just bought the Linux agent licenses b/c we need to backup Ubuntu 11.04.

5.  The BE agent that backs up Ubuntu 11.04 is not compatible with BE 2010 R3, therefore we would have to upgrade to BE 2012.

6.  However, we cannot upgrade to BE 2012, because of the issue mentioned in #2 above.

The thing that we are waiting on to be fixed in BE2012 is to allow 1 job to back up multiple servers consecutively to tape. 


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...sorry, posted in the incorrect place, and have deleted the previous comment.

To add to your comments above:

1. Moving away from being able to backup servers in a resource-centric backup to a server-centric approach seems to have bitten Symantec hard. Hopefully they add this back in future! Would be the only way I'd ever push for BE 2012 in environments we look after.

2. Not sure when your version of Ubuntu was released, but unless it is new, the Idea would be good-enough to have here...for support for your version I mean.


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With BE2012 the option of one job to one tape is gone. It took us some time to find out the right append-time to the media-set (tape) to now get n-jobs still on one tape. The first job/server overwrites the tape of the chosen media-set, the next job/server append to this tape. For each job/server you receive an message. This you have to find out for your daily jobs and for the weekly ones as well. Not nice, but it works.

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