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Backup Exec 2014

Created: 12 Aug 2014 | 2 comments
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Unlike Version 2010 this version interface is not user friendly it doesnt have a indication of approximate time left for completion of backup even the percentage of completion doesnt work. From last 2 days it was struck at one point without the data being backed up inceasing. I was not sure the backup is running or not. 2010 version use to create a single B2D file after backup but this version keep creating multiple which is really confusing.

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I've tried 2014 as well - I tested 2012 and disliked it so much that I went back to 2010. BE 2010 would backup data on my EMC VNXe3100 just fine, no issues- ever. I could not get BE 2014 to connect to the EMC storage device. I made a call to tech support, technician fiddled with it and then told me I had to downgrade the version of Unisphere (EMC management software) in order for 2014 to work. So .. 2010 works with latest storage device software but 2014 does not?? Symantec has not had a decent version of BE since 2010.

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1. BE 2010 does not create a single B2D file. By default it creates them in 4GB increments unless you specify otherwise. It WILL create a single file if you set the size of the B2D file the same size as, or larger than, your backed up data. You then face the prospect of losing everything if that single file corrupts.

2. I don't remember BE 2010 (or any previous version) showing the time left in a backup.

I would suggest getting a forum query opened here with regards to BE stalling during the backups if you still face this issue.


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