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Backup Exec Agent for Ubuntu 12.04

Created: 08 Dec 2012 | 9 comments
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Would be nice if the backupexec agent worked with ubuntu 12.04 rather than crashing when it attempts to start. This is a HUGE issue for me and directly impacts my future product decisions.

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I hope that you are aware that Ubuntu 12.04 is currently not supported with any version of BE.

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chol's picture

I agree with the poster, such a large company should be able to provide a complete backup solution that works with current operating systems. Looking forward to the update.

There are possible workarounds though, see

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rgrzeca's picture

I think Ubuntu is not so uncommon today - we use it now for all Linux-Systems. If Symantec keeps saying this is not supported - guess what we will do with our support contract next year? 

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I agree, this is ridiculous.  Also 12.04 isn't even the latest release of Ubuntu, you guys are seriously lagging behind.  We are going to probably have to look for a new backup solution due to this issue and we've been a customer of yours for many years.

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We use Ubuntu 12.04 LTS on our development server and even with the hack at it still doesn't work most of the time.  Ubuntu 12.04 LTS versions are common enough and it is unacceptable to just tell your users that the reason it doesn't work is that it is unsupported.

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Oddly it was working for us after I used that hack at the page you just posted, but I noticed it quit working after 4/5 and hasn't worked since.  I can edit the backup jobs and browse the folders from Backup Exec server oddly enough, the backups just fail saying that they cannot connect.

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EdwardDavid's picture

At one point in time my Backup Exec pre 2012 was backing up my Red Hat Enterprise 4 servers as well as my Ubuntu version 12 VM's.

I was totally blown away that Backup Exec 2012 does not support Ubuntu version 12.

Does anyone out there have a open source or a product that will backup all flavours of Red Hat Enterprise Specificaly version 4 as well as the latest versions of Ubuntu.

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dportenlanger's picture


UBUNTU 12.04 / BACKUP EXEC 2012 RALUS AGENT DOES WORK....  with a little coaxing.

There are so many struggling to get this working, I decided to post my procedure.  This process has been proven many times.


You will need the redweb link information and the associated tools.  The step using the redweb article is executed at the end of this procedure.

Complete the following first :

  1. Update your BE2012 server to SP2 through LiveUpdate.
  2. Copy all of the files (tar.gz) files for 1798 to the Ubuntu server. This includes the SPs and HFs.

Note that you will also need 1244.SP2 for this to work. It will download from liveupdate when you update to SP2.

On Ubuntu, Do all of this under sudo……

  1. Extract the x64 deb under the Linux64 folder and install it manually using dpkg -i and install the VRTSRalus deb.
  2. Run the install script under Linux64
  3. Extract the patches to separate folders.
  4. Modify the install patch scripts for all SP1 and HF to include Ubuntu or replace the Debian near the beginning with Ubuntu. See the 1244.SP2 patch script for an example.
  5. Install the patches in the order shown the Symantec document above. Don’t worry that the agent is running, the patches will install if you modified the scripts properly.
  6. Install the 1244.SP2 patch. No script changes necessary here.
  7. Refer to redweb article: Patch the 79 to a 78 as the redweb link at the top describes.
  8. Start the service.

Backup your Ubuntu 12.04 server.

All the best!
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Elgar44's picture

Yes, I've now got it to work after 1244 SP2.  Marvellous.  I had already done all the previous fixes and the 79 to 78 hack, so my BE install on Ubuntu 12.04 just needed the recent SP2 update.

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