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BE2012, Cancel Option for database backups, if there are errors in db logs!

Created: 23 Oct 2012
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i have several sql server with databases running in full recovery mode.
I do regular full backups and hours diff backups.
I although do hourly inc. backups for the log files.

In some situation where the transcation log file has a corruption the sql agent and backup engine keeps trying to backup the log files forever.

I even checked the database with SQL Management Studio for errors, but checkdb doesn´t report any error!

In the past i had this situation several times and these situations ended either in a disk full error message or if cancel`d early enough in huhge BEX XML Files.

And i mean hughe XML files, these files have sizes of 4GB , 9GB and last 145GB in sizes.

With these XML Files in place, the backup service won´t survive a reboot of the machine, the engine try´s to read all XML files and dies on the hughe ones.

I managed to read these files and for examples the 145GB file has always the same error message logged.

So here is my idea:

Add an option to the sql backup component to cancel the backup of corrupt sql transaction log file
and stop logging this error for ever in the BEX File.

I have this error messag repeated millions of time in the 145GB File!

Type="error"><CED><ced_disp_text>V-79-65323-3049</ced_disp_text><ced_version>14.0.1798</ced_version><ced_module>eng-sql2-backup</ced_module><ced_error>V-79-65323-3049</ced_error><ced_language>DE</ced_language><ced_build>Retail</ced_build><ced_os>Windows_V-6.1.7601_SP-1.0_PL-0x2_SU-0x110_PT-0x3</ced_os></CED> - BACKUP detected corruption in the database log. Check the errorlog for more information.
Type="db_query_failure"><CED><ced_disp_text>V-79-65323-3049</ced_disp_text><ced_version>14.0.1798</ced_version><ced_module>eng-sql2-backup</ced_module><ced_error>V-79-65323-3049</ced_error><ced_language>DE</ced_language><ced_build>Retail</ced_build><ced_os>Windows_V-6.1.7601_SP-1.0_PL-0x2_SU-0x110_PT-0x3</ced_os></CED> -