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BEMCLI Catalog Access

Created: 26 Jun 2013
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I have been exploring the options Backup Exec 2012 has for us to optimize how we run our backups and disaster recovery. I recently found the BEMCLI piece of the software and began exploring it. I found that with it you could create a powershell script that would allow you to do a restore. I began testing the tool alongside the same options in the GUI and found that the data I needed to restore could only be done through the GUI and not through BEMCLI. As I have found out this is due to the fact that BEMCLI does not have the same access to catalogs in our CASO environment that the GUI has. As such our solution to a major problem we have been having still involves my manual intervention on a daily basis. If BEMCLI could be given the same access to the catalog files that the GUI has I could completely automate my data restore to our disaster recovery server which would ensure that we are always ready to restore a critical system as fast as possible without me having to try to remember to perform the job every morning among all my other daily tasks.