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Best practice for SQL backup with BE2012

Created: 20 Feb 2013
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I have seen the current article and it just is not helpful for me.

I have had two support calls and am still discovering issues with BE2012 that make it difficult to get reliable backup strategy.  An illustrated article would have saved much time and do your customers (and your product) a service.

I suggests an illustrated (maybe with a backup template) for SQL backup with incremental log and differential backups.  I found that the db backup full and incremental all have to be in the same backup sequence and that the incrementals have to be added manually (it would be nice to copy them).

For example I have a daily, weekly and monthly full backup with hourly log backups and differential backups every four hours; the incremental backups only run during business hours (so they have to be setup as multiple tasks that repeat daily on weekdays.)

Also mentioned by your support, but I did not see noted, the AOF has to be dieabled for the db job sequence.

A separate job sequence is needed for the windows server.  

A separate job sequence is needed for databases that use the SQL simple recovery mode. (I just do full and SQL differential jobs for these.)