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Bring back Edit Next Run

Created: 14 Mar 2012 • Updated: 14 Mar 2012 | 8 comments
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In previous versions of BE, for jobs generated from policies, there is an Edit Next Run option.  This is extremely useful for making one-time amendments to the next run of the jobs.  For example, I have a pre-command to import tapes in my policy generated job.  If my off-site tape did not come back today, I can use the edit tonight's job to delete the import.  Otherwise, the import command will hold up the tape library and the subsequent jobs.  I don't have to remember to put back the import pre-command for tomorrow night's job.

Sadly, this feature has is missing in BE 2012.  Do bring back the Edit Next Run feature.

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...that's a bit of an oversight. Although I don't use it like you do with yours, it's a useful-enough feature to have kept in. Especially when you have another job running and want the current job to start later...

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Im in total agreement, its a time wasting, lengthy process to either edit the schedule and then set it back to how you want it or make a one time backup with the selections of a job which is already created. I used it on sooo many occasions its untrue - any chance of seeing it return please?

Thanks in advance

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I definitely have to agree with this one. It's a serious waste of time and effort to be unable to simply make only the next run slightly different. Backup environments can be very variable, and so variable control is the backups is highly necessary, the removal of this option stunts the variable control greatly.

I don't know if this was a feature of the previous option or not, but if not, it would also be incredibly useful to be able to simply cancel the next run of a job. I'm not sure if this is just something I am unaware of how to do, but as it stands, every time there's a job that I need to cancel before it ever starts, I can't do that, and simply have to wait for the job to start, and THEN cancel it, or otherwise completely edit the schedule for the job which is a real pain.

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Totally agree with this. I use "Edit Next Run" quite often. Saves the hassle with mucking around with your scripts and having to remember to put it back to your default settings afterwards.

Please bring this back. I haven't upgraded yet, but will be soon and definitely would like to see this put back in an update.

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I agree with this, since you now cannot exclude certain dates for a particular job, this would be useful if you needed to skip the next weekly backup as the end-of-month job is also scheduled to run.

I had to make sure I staggered my end-of-year, end-of-month and weekly jobs. The way it stands right now, my last Friday of this year, I will have 3 x Full backups running, weekly, monthly and yearly!

If you're not going to change the calendar prior to BE 2014, at least let us edit the next scheduled run easily.

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Woohoo ... another great surpise.... I have lost my "no reset archive bit" or "copy only" functionalities and now this. I'm quite happy that I haven't update 2010 on most of my costumer sites.

Come on guys, what was the plan ? getting on the market of the "I don't know what I do" user users by making BE a one click solution ? You didn't had to remove or hide all the good options to so. You just had to have a basic view and a advanced view.

BE 2012 is so disapointing to me; I have lost the maneuverability to a one click solution.

Definitly, some options should have stay there and this one is a good example.

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What a HUGE mistake taking away this functionality to "Edit Next Run" - as I use this at least once a week . So the option now is to create a whole new job, or edit an existing job, then remember to go back the next day to edit it yet again?

One thing I will say is I am glad the "Calendar" now has an Exclude or Cancel option that it did not before. I also see a huge improvement when using external hard disks for backup media.

That's all for now - 

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I agree with this thread that this 'missing feature' has definitely created more work and provided a less-than-satisfying experience.

Something else to consider: Another part of this feature is that your two options "create a whole new job" or "edit an existing job" are NOT equivalent at all when viewed from the perspective of the DLM (Data Lifecycle Maintenance) process - each approach causes previous backup histories to be handled differently:

1) Create a new job - this is by far the easiest choice as it creates a new branch for the individual job (but this job does not automatically override the previously scheduled job, nor does it integrate in the DLM storage chain) - we use "Copy job" for this process and will either let both jobs run as scheduled or put the 'normal' job on hold until past its run until time...  This works best for full backups so that it does not attach itself to an old DLM chain and have other jobs get retained unnecessarily until the one-time is set for deletion.

2) Alter the existing job - this keeps us from having multiple jobs run (our window is already too short), but, depending upon the individual edit,  it can invalidate the DLM chain and require another FULL backup out of schedule to get things back into sync.  Other results can also be that previous Backup chains (full and later incrementals) can be orphaned and start to collect and occupy significant space on the backup media - this requires constant review to make sure that limited resources are not filling up unexpectedly.

All in all, this is another one of the casualties of the major rework that has happened with the control interface in BE2012...



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