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Bring back the Job Summary from BE2010 in BE2012

Created: 07 May 2013 | 1 comment
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In BE2010 we used the Job Summary vividly, both for an overview for ourselves, but also as a tool to document settings in our backup jobs.

This was proven very usefull towards Audits and risk assesment, and very valuable function in any backupsystem, that you have the option of reviewing settings without having the BE server running.

So please bring this option back, since the reports in BE2012 are of no use, and cannot contain the same types of information that the Job Summary in BE2010 did.

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I'm wholeheartedly with you on this one mafe. As a Symantec partner and someone who installs and administers multiple Backup Exec systems, the loss of this quick, easy and thorough job settings summary/report has made my documentation life an absolute misery! With one simple loss of functionality from the product, between 2010 and 2012 and astonishingly still not reintroduced in 2014 documenting backup jobs and providing settings changes reports for change management has gone from being a dream, in this product, to be a freaking nightmare!

To document the entire settings for a single job, to the same degree the now-missing report used to, has gone from a matter of seconds to now taking at least an hour. Per job!

Talk to any backup admin and they'll agree, wholeheartedly, removing this reporting was a spectacular fail. Talk to any Backup Exec partner/consultant and, once the air has returned from blue, you'll get the exact same response.

The baby went out with the bath water between 2010 and 2012. The baby is now back in the bath with 2014, but it's head is still missing!

I will be posting more on other significant losses of functionality between 2010 and 2012/2014.

PS: mafe, if you can re-edit the original post to include Backup Exec 2014 that would be good, otherwise the product team won't join the dots!

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