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Change Production folder Settings in a locked Production Folder.

Created: 17 Oct 2012 | 1 comment
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I would like to Symantec to implement the following feature into the Clearwell eDiscovery Platform. I would like to be able to retain the production ID in an existing locked production with the functionality to be able to change the production folder setting.

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I concur.  Counsel frequently changes the rules, requiring re-production with redaction on (or off), adding a confidentiality header or changing the format but insisting that "the Bates Number must stay the same".  Currently, the only way to re-produce is to unlock the folder, change the settings, re-run the production and pray that the system applies the same numbers to every document.

I understand that this is technically a new production - the output will be different from the first run after all - and something needs to show that it is a different run, but we need to tie back to the first production number somehow.  Maybe a suffix applied to the production number?

(In a perfect world, Counsel would let us tag with DocID instead of page-level production numbers.  DocID would not change across the multiple runs after all.  I'm afraid we're still years away from that level of maturity, though.)

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