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Clearwell Patches screen

Created: 21 Nov 2013 | 1 comment
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I really like the new Patches screen in Clearwell.  I especially like the alert showing me the count of patches so I can easily see when new ones are available.

A few minor tweaks would make that page even more helpful.

  1. Hide the installed patches by default.  Failing that, sort them to the bottom of the list.  Once I've installed the patch, I no longer need to be reminded about it.
  2. Exclude the installed patches from the count of "patches available" in the yellow alert bar on the home screen.  (Same logic)
  3. The View Log function doesn't appear to actually call up the log for installed patches.  I see an "installed" note when I float over the link but clicking it just opens an empty window.
  4. So far, all the available patches are "Recommended".  If/when you push out patches with a different priority, that priority should be the primary sort value for the list.

Thanks again.  I think this will be a very useful function.

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A related feature request on the patches page.  (Raised on behalf of another customer)

There should be a way to export the patches list into a spread sheet. 

If a user can export a list into a spread sheet they will be able to sort/search the list partially solving some of the problems mentioned in the original idea.

From the UI you can see the first part of the subject per patch but have to mouse over each of the patches to read more.   That is not scaleable.  What would be nice would be to be able to export the list of patches so that the user can... sort or search based on information potentially "hidden" in the UI.

Also the exported list can be sent to tech support to see if there is a match between the customer problem and an available fix.    Having a current snapshot of the status per patch (Installed, Available)  will potentially help support as well.

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