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Clearwell should be able to produce images without the sources.

Created: 16 May 2014 • Updated: 01 Jul 2015
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When a production is created images are made for every page that is called for.   An image is generated and formatted in a specific way including production numbers and banners.   The page images are created at the time the production folder is locked.  The images are put in permanent cache.   This is a snapshot in time when the production is locked. 

Days or years may pass and the original images may be corrupted or moved or removed or lost.  The production images are still locked and still visible and available in the UI.

The problem is customers can see the images in the UI but have absolutely no way to export them.

Steps to demo the issue

  1. Lock a production (image only) one document
  2. Move/change the source document
  3. Run a production export of the production image.

You will get an error in production and the image will not be produced.

  1. Open the problem doc in the UI and view the production image.

You can see the image that you want to produce in the UI. Clearwell should be able to supply the image that is available in the UI.  Clearwell has everything it needs.  Clearwell has the images and Clearwell has metadata.  There is no reason to need to go back to the source.

Requiring the original source is not necessary.   

This has been raised on behalf of a customer.