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Controlling what media sets duplicate jobs duplicate

Created: 20 Apr 2012 • Updated: 20 Apr 2012 | 1 comment
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I haven't seen an idea for this and didn't see it in the known issues, so I'm going to post it here.

In backup exec 2010, you could select a duplicate job and perform the option "Edit Selection List" on that job, which would open up an interface much like the normal selection list for selecting what files to backup, only it was a list that contained all the media sets that were relevant to the system that the duplication job was targeting. This list would show the actively selected media sets (those that were going to be duplicated in the next run), as well as all other media sets for the target system. Furthermore, it would show small informational icons on the backup sets, such as a red circle with an X in it if the data were corrupt, or a yellow train with an exclamation point in it that indicated some warning about that backup set.

In this window, you could freely check or uncheck media sets, allowing the user to control exactly what the duplicate job would duplicate manually when necessary. For me, this was usually used to remove corrupt selections to allow the duplicate job to run normally.

In backup exec 2012, this very handy option has disappeared, and, while I'm not sure the validity of the statement, I've read that now the only way to fix duplicate jobs that are throwing errors is to delete them and completely recreate them, which means you're not only losing the corrupt media set, but also any good media sets that were contained in the duplicate's (unreachable) selection list, which is highly inefficient, and an unecessary loss of data.

Please reimplement the ability to manually view and edit the selection list of duplicate jobs. I don't even care if it shows corrupt media sets or not, I can use the job log to get that information and remove what I need to. Not only is it now more difficult to fix errors with duplicate jobs, it's also less data efficient. Why this functionality was ever removed in the first place, I don't know.

By the way, if anyone still doesn't understand the selection list I'm talking about, it's where you would find the <Catalog Not Found> entries in backup exec 2010 and delete them.

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I solved that problem deleting records that have not an associated image to duplicate. You must connect to backup exec database. make an sql backup before your begin. Then you can view the entries that haven't an associated image with the next script. You must put some part of your duplicate job name.

select entryid, * from dbo.Jobs as j
inner join dbo.SetCopyScriptEntries as s on j.scriptid = s.scriptid
left join dbo.catimage as c on c.imageguid = s.imageguid
c.imageguid is null
and j.jobname like '%YOUR YOB NAME%'
order by jobname
Then you can delete it. catch de entryid and make that sql delete.
delete from dbo.SetCopyScriptEntries where entryid = 'YOUR ENTRYID'
Something like that
delete from dbo.SetCopyScriptEntries where entryid = '97163B77-476A-4CDC-9E98-E210C622778D'
be carefull your are modifying the database outside the application. Do that at your own risk

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