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Data Insight collecting Audit data from a EMC NFS

Created: 31 Oct 2013
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My company uses Symantec Data Insight to obtain audit information on sensitive data files. These files contain information that are subject to regulatory controls. Currently the data resides on an EMC Celerra NS-120 that supports both NFS and CIFS.

After installation and troubleshooting of missing NFS audit data, it has been determined that the NFS on the EMC device does not contain the full path of the file / folder that was accessed by the user. Symantec support has informed my company that it is a requirement within Symantec Data Insight that this information be available for proper functionality. For further information please see Case number 05340110. 

I would like to request that this issue be corrected between EMC and Symantec so that both products provide the required data to support audit capability of the data that is available through CIFS and NFS.