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Dell TL2000 SCSI connection support

Created: 25 Apr 2014 • Updated: 23 May 2014
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I have a Dell TL2000 tape library. It is a.k.a. an 3573TL with dual drives IBM ULT3580-HH4 that uses a U320 SCSI connection. I am currently using Back Up Exec 12.5 and wanted to upgrade to Backup Exec 2012. However, I learned that this tape library is only compable with Fibre Channel or SAS connections according to your HCL and Symancte technicians who I talked to.  My equipment is not going to be replaced for a couple more years at least until my exteneded warranty is over. I would like to do file archiving using BE2012 but presently cannot. I will need to look for another product that works with my equipment if the SCSI connection is not going to be supported.