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Disabling Data Lifecycle Management

Created: 24 Jan 2014
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Currently in BE2012, there is no Option to disable the Data Lifecycle Management like in BE2010.

If you’re using a whole Disk only for Backups, there is no need for deleting expired Backupsets. When Backup-2-Disk Fullbackups (without incremental Backupsets) get expired, DLM is deleting all expired Fullbackups, even if there is enough Space on the Disk.

Instead of simply deleting expired Backups there should be an Options in BackupExec 2012 to overwrite expired Backups like in BE2010. Currently you have to Retain Backups manually if the Company is closed for Holidays (i.e. Christmas), or all Backups get deleted during the Holiday if they expire (so there are no Backups left after the Holidays if you Stop all Jobs during this period). A longer Expiration date (for example 2 Weeks) is also no Option, because in this case the Disk runs out of space and no new Backups can be created.

A simple Option for DLM would do the Trick:

[ ] Delete expired Backupsets
[x] Disable deleting of expired Backupsets (Overwrite Data only)

If you need some Background information, look at the Supportcase # 05824121.