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Discovery Accelerator fails to export some messages with many recipients

Created: 10 Apr 2014 • Updated: 17 Apr 2014
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We are a very large Enterprise Vault implementation.

After working with Symantec tech support, the conclusion was this is due to MS limitation EV cannot control. Symantec proposes this as a workaround:

1. Run the export until the only failed items are due to many recipients.

2. Run manual SQL queries to mark the failed items as a specific mark.

3. Run a second export to HTML format based on MARK using the below options

--- Mark: Select the Mark used in the script.

--- Last Marked By: select the User used to Mark the items.

--- Export As: select HTML | Select all HTML options, such as Mark History, Attachments, Comments, Case Information, Policies.

My request for enhancement is that for DA to automate the above procedure within the DA user interface.

Related MS article on this problem:

You cannot open an .msg e-mail message file in Outlook 2007 if the file contains many attachments or many recipients