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DLP Incident deletion notification not sufficient - need alternative method

Created: 01 Jul 2013
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As a very large university, we have many users in our DLP enforce console at any one time. When someone goes to delete incidents (in bulk), it processes the deletion asynchronously - I get that... what we can't live with is that it takes you directly back to the same data you requested to be deleted - even though they are still queued for deletion, nothing states that at the data it just loaded freshly on your screen. (except for a little banner that goes away at the top of the page) What we would like to see is one of a few things:

-An ETA for how many "jobs" are queued up behind yours (we have literally seen a deletion process take more than a day to complete - so to get an idea as to how severe the "asynchronous" piece of it would be, and ETA would be great.

-Also, maybe have an option to wait to load or refresh the screen after submitting a deletion job... most of the time a deletion job occurs within 15-20 seconds - it would be nice for the end user using the console to know that they have to wait for the deletion to occur

Very minor, but this is really causing quite a huge issue for us DLP admins as well as our end users...