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Enhancement Need in Backup Exec for Lotus Domino Backup & Restore

Created: 15 Apr 2013
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We are using Backup Exec 2010 R3 agent for Lotus Domino application, where I have faced one issue with the restoration of database file. I have few suggestion which should be taken care as the other backup software support the same.

1. Database restore on alternate location is not working if we have incremental backup. It restores only last full backup.

2. Unable to retrieve the spesific days mails, If we use point in time restore, it replace the live database with the database from backup and it restore all the TXN logs which are referenced. In my case I restored one mail box having 101 MB, for which BE restored 32 GB TXN logs which create the disk space issue on my TXN log volume.  For these restored logs [32 GB], we have to delete them manually, There must be some autodeletion / archving happen to the restored TXN logs.

Without above features, it is difficult to manage the database restore in Domino. I look forward some enhancement to address these issues.