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EVAnon Virtual Directory automate creation via GUI and mask the password

Created: 25 Jun 2012 • Updated: 31 Jul 2012 | 1 comment
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During the initial setup and configuration of the Enterprise Vault OWA components, it is required to create a file named ExchangeServers.txt on the Enterprise Vault (EV) Server that contains all the IP Addresses assigned to the Exchange Environment (For Microsoft Clusters, this also includes the IP Addresses of the Physical Nodes as well as the Virtual Nodes of the Cluster, CAS/CAS Proxy/Exchange Front/Backend etc).  When running the owauser.wsf script on the EV server, this script creates the EVAnon Virtual Directory and utilizes the ExchangeServers.txt to populate the "IP address and domain name restrictions" Denied access Exception List.  This designates to the EVAnon Virtual Directory what IP Addresses are allowed to utilize that Virtual Directory.


The password needs to be typed at the CLI while running the C:\Program Files (x86)\ Enterprise Vault> Cscript owauser.wsf /domain:domain_name /user:owauser /password:pass_word

Note: The password is not masked at the CLI and this is a security vulnerability also most customer do not like to disclose the password.


1)      Programmatically create the EVAnon Virtual directory using an application or option which can be invoked from the VAC. Use the new Data Access account tab to allow the administrator to type in the username & password of the anonymous user a/c. While execution the graphical option can read the encrypted password stored in the Directory database.

2)      Also provide a graphical way to enter the CAS/CAS Proxy/Exchange Front/Backend IP addresses this will remove the need to manually create a txt file with the IP addresses etc.

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These are fair points with regards to simplifying the OWA extensions configuration. They have been logged as product enhancement tracking ID: 547281

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