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EVSVR Verifies on large Vault Store can take forever, and if interrupted, do not terminate with any indication of progress.

Created: 27 Dec 2012
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About a year ago, we had an EMC upgrade on our SANs that didn't go the time EMC communicated the problem, we had a lot of corruption to deal with. We ran EVSVR verifies to see what we needed to repair.

The utility took forever and would often terminate. The session should not have been a factor.

On terminated verifies, we did use the log, but that told us the last records that had an issue, not the last record that was examined. This led to a lot of duplicative effort as we would kick off the verifies on the date and time since the last issue.

While I know a progress bar is infeasible, it would be a plus if it would dump what it was working on (or if it was hung) when the program terminates.