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Extend search limit of Enterprise Vault?

Created: 24 Jul 2013 | 2 comments
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With a large number of searched elements, they will be limited to 50,000 and this message appears:


Enterprise Vault Discovery Accelerator 10.0.3.

This is very limiting for a lot of users, please consider extending this value.


Magdalena Styś

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Hello Magdalena,

There are many configuration options for Discovery Accelerator that are hidden configuration changes which can be made to change the Reveiwer experience including how many items are displayed in the Review Pane as well as how many items are returned for a search.  See below:

Also the 50000 limit is editable (see here)

Please keep in mind the default values of 50,000 items returned by a search and 100 items displayed in the review pane per page are put in place as defaults and can be changed, but the mileage will vary based on the infrastructure design and could impact performance of the server if adjusted incorrectly.

I would recommend reaching out to support prior to making changes to understand their impact and how one change may affect another area of the application.

Chris Moreau

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There is another setting which you may also need to adjust, above was to adjust the Review Pane setting.  

There are hidden settings for the Result Chunck size which can be found by going into the configuration and performing the following:

CTRL-click “Configuration Settings” to show the hidden settings

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