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Fingerprint cache load indicator/status for Media Server Dedupe Option

Created: 23 Aug 2013 | 3 comments
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It would be nice if spoold logged detailed messages (at default log levels) in its log whilst loading the fingerprint cache at service startup, to allow the user to determine the progress and approximate length of time required until the disk pool is fully available for writes.

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Wish it would do it in a more efficient mannger or even load in the background so NBU starts quicker.  My (small) 15TB MSDP engine takes over an hour to restart; to long.  Whilst I appriate the complexities of the software there must be a better way to do it?

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I totaly msdp is 30TB and growing. It takes approx. 2+hrs to start the dedupe engine(pool).

I have heard rumors that with NBU 7.6 there are many improvements with MSDP. I hope this is one of them.

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The only time I have ever seen this is in the past when it would take hours in when the server in question does not meet our minimum requirements for underlying disk i/o:

Please review this document:

Basically what is going on is that underlying disk performance is so poor that the dedupe pool is no longer able to process tlogs in a timely manner. In this situation it is not a simple matter of loading the disk cache but as a part of that it must also iterate over the tlogs and find changes and load them also before the cache is complete and comes online. 

I would really look into this and resolve the associated issues before it ends up in a worse situation. And going forward make sure to read the install guides since they give minimum perofrormance requirements.

Also regarding this if you have been applying the patches and doing regular upgrades, which you should be doing since NBU also has fixes for some performance related issues that may impact this also, the ram requirements have also gone up with the patch releases. You may want to make sure that your servers meet the minimum ram requirements since this will also impact the performance and the speed of the cache loading.

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