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How to do Bandwidth limiting use a AD QOS GPO

Created: 12 Oct 2011 | 2 comments
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With SEPM 12.1 we lost the ability to rate limit in Apache like we did in IIS. Their is a way to accomplish without using the mod_bw if your running Windows 2008 R2 (earlier versions may work) and an AD GPO.

  • Create an OU for this.
  • Create a GPO in that OU.
  • Go to Computer configuration, Policies, Windows Settings, Policy-based QoS.
  • Right click and do Create new policy.
  • I have two SEPMs so I made the following rules based on one needing 112KBps and the other 400KBps with the local network having no limits. The are the SEPM IPs and is the local network.
Policy Name Application Name or URL Protocol Source Port Destination Port SourceIP/Prefix Length Destination IP/ Prefix Length DSCP Value Throttle Rate
SEPM1_Nonlocal * TCP 8014 * * 0 112
SEPM1_Local * TCP 8014 * 50 -1
SEPM2_NonLocal * TCP 8014 * * 0 400
SEPM2_Local * TCP 8014 * 50 -1

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Sorry to revive a two year old thread, but is this QoS per-connection or per-server?

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Hi Brett,

Thanks for documenting this, works a treat. It's per connection jvermillion.

Iv'e used a 1mb setting which uses about 1/3 of our 15Mb link

Hope this bumps up the search as it took a bit of finding.

How to limit bandwidth limit symantec end point protection 12

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