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I could not schedule a duplicate job based on backup tapes in Libary.

Created: 14 Feb 2012
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I made case and I was trying to scheduld a duplicate job for every 1st Sunday of  the month but could not do that. Symantec engineer could not help because backup exe software does not support it.

What I was trying:

Schedule a duplicate job to run every 1st Suday of the Month. What ever tapes will be in that Sunday inside  the Library duplicate Job will duplicate those tapes. Job will grave the data from from the tape (in library) and duplicate to scrach media. ( Note: duplicate set to send off site store) originals to keep on site.


Backup exe does not allow me to schedule in advance to duplicate from backup tape (full backup in side the Library). I want to make a policy, which will grave data from what ever tapes in side the library on that 1st Suday and will make duplicate. Policy can make based on the job runs. But I need to make policy based on what tapes inside the Library  on that day.

I want Policy will read data from backup tapes inside the library. Duplicate those in blank tape and this job will run every 1st sunday of every month. Reagon: I do full backup  Last Friday of  every month and duplicate those 1 sunday of every month send those to off side store.

Note: I have 30 policy and 70 job running, I can not make duplicate policy based on the job policy. I just want to duplicate from Backup tape, I want  this duplicate job runs automaticlly every 1st Suday through the years until I cancel.

Can you please add this function. if you need better explationof it, please give me a call at 212 691 4700 x 423 (office) 917-207-9374 (Cell Phone) Please release spacial patch  to fix the issue.

I know, devlopers could do that by writing some  extra lines. Thanks Again. Regards,