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Increase Frequency of Updates: SEP for Windows XP Embedded

Created: 17 Jun 2011 | 5 comments
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At present, the "Symantec Endpoint Protection for Windows XP Embedded 5.1" product updates its definitions once per week.  The level of protection against the latest threats would be increased if definition updates were available every day. 

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Hi Symantec,

I'm the one who raised this concern. Why would SEP-XPe 5.1 definition being updated on weekly basis when the full blown version is updated thrice daily?

Please update policy/configuration on this product urgently. Imagine a new worm outbreak happens on your client side who're using this product, why would they need to wait for 1 week to clean it up?


Hoping to hear from you soon. Thank you.

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Mick2009's picture

Hi Cus000,


Many thanks for casting your vote and making your voice heard. 


I do not have any insight into product design, etc, but can recommend the full SEP 11.  It is fully supported on the XPE platform, since SEP 11 version MR2.  The latest (SEP 11 RU6 MP3) functioned well (updating, processing policy updates, etc) on the most recent POS device that I installed it on.


Thanks once again!



With thanks and best regards,


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Thomas K's picture

SEP 5.1 XPE is an old product and uses a third party AV. The product was designed that way and I doubt will be ever be modified. As Mick stated, SEP 11 is the way to go. SEP 11 has many more features and is designed to protect from todays modern threats.

Ooyala - Check us out!

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Bob in AC's picture

Having designed and /or acquired multiple suites to support various AV solutions does not infer that the current product is designed appropriately for all compute devices.

If Sym wanted to incorporate installations for small form factor devices with limited drive space and memory for inclusion into their suite of products they should do so. Mobile compute devices are designed to be a light as possible and as you may see by the level of support discussions that the current SEP 11 /12 suites are far from simple from a management perspective and light on the client device.  This does not even cover battery usage. 

I would agree that the ideal would be to include mobile compute devices into a SEPM, however the mobile install client needs to have a smaller footprint and conserve the limited memory space with the concept to conserve battery life.  Symantec could develop SEPM Policies for mobile devices if the desire was there. 

Reminder the level of interest in mobile devices are expanding every week and are pushing into the corporate sector at an ever increasing pace.  Symantec is way behind the curve in this space.

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Hello Mick2009,

Thank you for your suggestion.  It is a good idea we will consider it for a future release.


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