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Incremental Backups for Systems With no Agent

Created: 14 May 2013
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This Symantec article covers incrementals of non-agent devices and lack of support for such a feature.

We have a SAN/NAS system with a propietary OS and limited access.  The incrementals for this system worked for years on BE2010 and worked correctly the first 2 days after upgrading to BE2012.  The incrementals now backup all the data, as opposed to only the data that has changed since the last backup.

I was continously referred to the above article when going through Symantec support.  And while I was advised to request this as a new feature here, from the above described experience I believe this is more of a bug than anything--such that when triggered, it views the server/CIFS share as belonging to a system with an agent (or something along those lines).  I can't see any reason the date-modified property couldn't be obtained from the file list to compare and skip the file if needed.

Wether this is a bug or a feature that needs to be added, I think many people would benefit from its resolution.