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Install Client via Group Policy

Created: 26 Aug 2013 | 1 comment
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Running throught documentaion today (first time user of netbackup) and I did not see installation supported over Group Policy. This is a huge turn off for me as I (and alot of Windows Admins) do software installations over Group Policy. Because the .msi is part of the installer, this should not be a huge piece to impliment. I am asking that it be taken under consideration. 

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Be aware that this could cause a number of issues, such as attempting to force an install on a media or master server which has EEB's applied. 

The configuration for a client is not just as straight forward as pushing out the client package, there are a number of custom options.  Depending on the client backup type you may have to install windows features such as CLient for NFS etc, this will not be performed by the NBU client install. 

If you have a server that has a backup volume greater than, in our case that is, 200 GB then it would be configured as a SAN media server not a client installation.

Using SCCM to push out the client package with the silentclient.cmd file (after making the necessary modifications) would in my opinion, be safer than using GPO's. This way you have more control of what collection of servers the package is pushed to, which will ensure that the package is only sent the once, not everytime that someone logs in (in some cases of GPO software pushes).

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