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Install packages via VOM

Created: 30 Aug 2012 • Updated: 22 Jan 2013 | 3 comments
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we want to install packages (e.g. VERITAS Cluster GUI, VRTSexplorer or own packages) automatically via VOM on every VERITAS based server.

Currently, it is not possible to install packages via VOM.

The Workaround to write a dedicated script and use the Distribution manager Add-on is not a valid workaround.

Currently, you can install VRTSsfmh (a standard package) via VOM, why no other packages?



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"Currently, you can install VRTSsfmh (a standard package) via VOM, why no other packages?"

That is valid logic but Symantec does not support pushing software our developers did not create for use in VOM. It is possible to have your account representative request addition of the feature through the Product Management channels.

Without control over the actual packages it would not be possible to anticipate or test every scenario for inclusion in the push deployment to nodes accessible from the VOM Central Management Server (CMS).

Since the current option, which has been within the shipping products and well tested, is not a resolution for your request your likely best option is to have Symantec Consider the business case for inclusion of the ability to act an an installer within the environment VOM is managing for other applications and packages on the supported Operating Systems.

I saw you had opened a Support case for the original topic perhaps that can be referred for escalation to get you the technical caveats as to the reasoning Symantec does not accept responsibility for these uses or to have assistance in creation of the formatted installation file you can push.

I will follow up with some research if I find you a better option or answer, Bjorn.



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I would suggest to

- Install packages with VOM which are located on the VOM server itself.

- Let the VOM server be a software repository (yum, etc)

- Install packages located in a repository (let VOM trigger a "yum install..." command)

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Hi dveeden

Yes, you can use VOM to deploy packages and install them. Use the Create function on the Deployment Management.

It uses a Setup Script, which guides what to do with the Additional Files, which are Uploaded to the VOM Server itself.

The solution pushes the Files and run the script.

Sample setup script

BEGIN { @INC = ("/opt/VRTSsfmh/lib/modules"); }
# Stage area for the distribution is defined as $stage_dir.
# All files in the distribution will be under $stage_dir
my $stage_dir = $ENV{'Store'};
# Code for installing distribution goes here
# For example
# my $out = `rpm -i $stage_dir/mypackage-1.0.rpm`;
# if($? == 0)
# {
#    exit(0); #Success
# }
# else
# {
#     exit(1); #Failed
# }
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