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Issues with configuring alert policies from OPScenter

Created: 12 Sep 2013 | 1 comment
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We have created alert polices in Opscenter( for any job failure, and forwarding it to SNMP trap for monitoring/ticketing purpose.

In case of any failure with policy having Multistreaming enabled, it is creating multiple alerts in SNMP trap tool thus making monitoring

team's task tedious to create multiple tickets for single backup policy.

Let me explain you a bit more:-

1 ) This issue is for all the polices including NDMP polices and catalog etc.

2 ) If suppose you are taking the backup of NDMP polices with Multistreaming enabled so multiple child jobs runs when It trigger.

3 )  If out of 10 multistreamed jobs,  5 child jobs failed  then it would generate  5 alerts for same NDMP policy at SNMP trap((eg:Zenoss tool) or

Email notification) end.

So my question is:-

Instead of generating 5 alerts notification of same NDMP policy (Email/SNMP notification), can it be configure to send only one alert (Email/SNMP notification) of same NDMP policy .

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Hi GV89,

I completely agree with your idea and fully endorse them.I hope Symantec looks into this issue and comes out with a possible solution in their next enhancements or future releases.

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