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Item retention category have to change when moving folder in mailbox that exists in the archive without using shortcuts.

Created: 30 Jan 2014
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Request for change of Enterprise Vault folder hierarchy sync to include a trigger for update retention category, when a folder re-locates in the archive by a folder move in the mailbox.

Symantec support requested me to create this request here, along with the support case. 


A new folder is created with EVPM to the users mailboxes with a “KeepForever” retention category. EV policy is set to update moved items with “All” and “Include items with Retention Category selected by the user, set by a custom filter, or set by PST migration” selected.
Shortcuts are not used because all users have Virtual Vault.


If a user moves a folder in the mailbox where some of the items has been archived then the archived folder location is also updated in the archive, that’s all good, but I noticed that the items that was archived before the move still got the old retention category and only new items archived to the folder are set with the new "KeepForever" retention category.

It works when mailbox items are moved to the new “KeepForever” folder in the mailbox and then archived or if items in Virtual Vault are moved to the folder in the archive or even if it is a large subfolder structure are moved in Virtual Vault as long as the corresponding folder does not exists in the mailbox.

All users have VV so no shortcuts is needed for our users and if we had shortcuts it will definitely be with automatic shortcut deletion, the EV environment is too large for shortcuts on all archived items.

This can be a hidden treat in many EV environments with email retention by folder and automatic shortcut deletion, which can course a mix of items that would be updated to the new retention category, some items can mistakenly be deleted.