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List media in Job History

Created: 07 Mar 2013 | 1 comment
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At locations with tape/media libraries, it would be such a convenience to have the ability to add a "Media" column to the Job History screen for a server.  The only thing we are able to see from that screen is which Storage device, not the actual media used.

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This is complicated, because backup sets can span multiple media.  A comma-separated list of all the tapes involved in a tape backup would be nice, but...

A lot of people have both tape and disk, and a really big backup set can span many, many disk "media" (i.e. b2d files).    The list of actual B2D files is usually superfluous, or even counterproductive (listing 50 B2D files in a tablular view is a Really Bad Idea).

So the Job History interface you'd like changed would have to distinguish between disk and tape media and only show the tapes.  Fortunately, Backup Exec doesn't let you create a storage pool mixing disk and tape....

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