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Mobile Backup for data

Created: 26 Oct 2012
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I have an idea for the norton mobile application for the android market as well as, other mobile devices. I think it would be a good idea for people to be able to log their personal data from their mobile device to their preexisting norton accounts. I think people who are on the go all the time could really benefit from this connection. the connection would also encourage people to expand the ammount of products they are using making for a stronger more influential connection between Symantec and the customers who are currently using Symantec/Norton products. 

The application could allow the user to have mobile access to their information that is backed up on the servers from any of the supported mobile devices, while allowing the customer to upload mobile data to their Norton accounts. I know that with the ammount of people now using a mobile device to do business is ever increasing and to have this capability to offer to the Norton users would I believe increase the annual number of subscriptions that are being purchased. thank you for listening.

Sincerly Daniel Green