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NBU Administration Console for windows - two additional buttons in Job Detials\Detailed Status window.

Created: 19 Aug 2013 • Updated: 20 Aug 2013
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Its often that NBU support is asking me to provide the "Detailed Status" from the failed job, thus I believe it would be wise to have two buttons out there:

  • one to maximaze that window (currently in the rigth upper corner there is on X to close it and it would be cool to have there tha maximaze as well)  - in JAVA GUI we can maximize this window... So instead of red dot it would be cool to have there maximaze button, this could me and many NBU admins (I hope so) make ours life easier with browsing for these details.


  • another one button next to Troubleshooter  button I would like to see there a copy button as we do see in windows event viewer, so with only one click I would have the whole "Detailed Status" in the clipboard ready to paste to SYMC support or my notepad to investigatge further.