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Netbackup enhancement - Client in maintenance mode

Created: 01 Feb 2013 | 2 comments
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Today when we face an issue with a server and we know that for a few days we won't be able to back it up, we remove it from the policy.

This might lead to forget to put it back. 

Would it be possible to put the client in a policy in maintenance mode for X number of days. The behavior should be something like:

  • First day to day X: the client will show in the activity monitor with a complete status(blue) but with a different (new) status code
  • Day X+1 and  after, the backup will resume automatically.

This will allow our reporting, SLAs and incident to be more accurate by not including a failed backup or missed backup. We also won't forget to put the client back in the schedule.



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Altho' it won't cater for your 'requirement' to show it in the Activity Monitor, there is the "Offline Until" in the General Tab under Client Attributes within the Master Server Properties.

Offline Until:

Makes the specified clients in the General tab unavailable for backups. By
default, clients are online and included in the policies in which they are
When Offline Until: is selected for a client, no jobs are scheduled for that
client. Since the client is not part of any job, no backup status will be listed
for the client.
After enabling the Offline Until: option, indicate the date and time when
the clients are to be online again. The default setting is infinity, or
approximately January 18, 2038, depending on the locale setting.

This is a quote from the NB7.5 Admin Guide I, but this has been in place, at least in its basic form, since NB7.0.1:

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I was not aware of this. It should do the job.

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