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OpsCenter 7.5 Planning Activity / Scheduled Job

Created: 01 Feb 2013 | 2 comments
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We backup approx 180 server and have approx 100 policies. It can be tough to find the best time to Schedule new jobs for new servers. It would be very helpful to be able to see a graphical representation of current scheduled jobs. We need to see the start window (start and end time) in which the job can run, so that we can schedule new jobs at a time that will least affect other jobs already scheduled. At the very least we need a report that we can import into Excel, Viso or Project so that we can create our own graphical timeline.

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Hi bocesopscenter,

I'm looking for how to make the same report.

Do you found some way to do it?

Best regards.

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I looked for the same thing - until I realized that using frequency based scheduling solved my problem. I did create a custom report in OpsCenter to show the start time for each schedule of each policy and I brought that in to Excel and created a pivot table showing the quantity of schedules that start each hour of the day and then used conditional formatting to show the higher values. This was neat but then I realized it didn't matter.  The scheduler will queue a job if there isn't a tape drive available it might start at any time in the backup window.

It is far easier to let the scheduler pick when a job fires off than to manually try to schedule it unless you have a particular need to start a job at a particular time .  With frequency based backups you just determine your window, and how often you want to run the schedule (your frequency), and you let the scheduler handle the details. If your jobs are failing because they are running out of the window then you need to ask whether you have enough tape drives, are they fully utilized, are you utilizing multiplexing and/or multistreaming, is your backup environment tuned, etc.

When you said it can be tough to find the best time to schedule new jobs for new servers, what are your criteria for "best"?

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