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Option to run a scheduled job every 1st day of the month and quarter

Created: 10 Feb 2014 • Updated: 11 Feb 2014 | 4 comments
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Product : CCS (Windows)

Version: 11

Reference: HOWTO75893 - Scheduling Jobs

Every CCS deployment we do, customers are always asking to run monthly and/or quarterly compliance reports (Standards Module).

I wonder why the CCS Job Scheduler still does not have this feature in CCS 11.

The Job Scheduler can only periodically Run every ___ days starting from a specific date.

Currently the workaround we do is start running on a Saturday and run every 28 days. You will get a report at least once a month but sometimes you get two. Sometimes you get the report near the beginning of the month, sometimes near the end. It is messy.

Alternatively, the jobs can be scheduled every Saturday (every 7 days). So every weekend a set of reports are generated. Customer is free to choose any of these sets (likely the first Saturday) as the monthly report. A lot of wastage here if the requirement is just monthly report.

I have searched the community for a solution or best practice about this but found none. I also searched the support KB articles. Still found no reference to this request nor discussion.

It is worthwhile to note that the ESM 10 policy run scheduler has far more options than CCS 11. Even Windows 2008 scheduler can run on a specific day periodically. Infact, these scheduling options is a standard feature in most software. Maybe there is not much request to CCS development team from the user community.


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Same here. All of our customers complains about this missing feature.

Please implement the ESM scheduler into CCS 11...and asap :)


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I have also experienced this issue with my monthly C-E-R jobs. I have them scheduled to run every 28 days and after a few months they will begin to drift. I also have a quarterly cycle of C-E-R jobs and they seem to hold to their run dates (they run every 91 days). I would like to see an option to run monthly jobs given by the weekend of the month it is. (say every third Saturday of the month for example).

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Hi all,

We in Product Management like this idea and I'm entering it into our RFE (Request for Enhancements System). Whilst that doesn't guarantee we would add a feature, it is a very interesting and obvious one.

Keep an eye out on future SCU release notes, you may well see it!



Steve Blair

EMEA  Principal Product Manager

Product Experience & Regional Product Management

Data Center Security  |  Information Security Group

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Will this scheduling feature implemented in the upcoming PU2014-4 or CCS 11.1?

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