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Option to Set Notification Level of "VSS Snapshot warning. File {file} is not present on the snapshot"

Created: 28 Jan 2013
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Backup Exec 2010 R3:

This is a request for Symantec to provide an option (/Tools/Options) that would allow SBE admins to set the notification level of the following backup job log message to "informational" (still appears in the job log but does not cause the final job status to be "Completed with exceptions"):

Backup- \\{server_name}\System?State
VSS Snapshot warning. File {file} is not present on the snapshot.


The above backup job log message causes the job's final Job Status to be "Completed with exceptions" which forces SBE Admins to investigate the cause of the exception every time it occurs.

The message's root cause and workaround is detailed in the following links:

Unfortunately, the recommended resolutions are not practical and/or easy to implement with larger, more complex enterprises. This is mostly due to the dynamic nature of the issue (issue files change as software products are constantly installed/uninstalled on the target servers and/or application configurations change). In addition, it is not realistic to expect SBE users to reinstall large, complex application suites and/or spend countless hours working with a software vendor to troubleshoot an application's install/uninstall scripts simply to prevent this condition from altering a SBE backup job's final status.

A final Job Status of "Completed with exceptions" forces Backup Admins to stop and scour through job logs to identify the cause of the exception (which would otherwise just be reported to management as "successful"). Once the exception is identified as cause by the message above, it is typically classified as benign and reported to management as such. Reality is, management usually questions anything other than "Successful". Therefore, Backup Admins usually spend a significant amount of time explaining and re-explaining a "Completed with exceptions" job status to management.

Providing an option to set the message's notification level to "informational" would streamline the backup process and save a significant amount of Admin investigation time.