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Option to supress certain error messages so jobs are marked as complete and not failed

Created: 14 Mar 2011 | 4 comments
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This requirement has arisen because I have independ disks on my VMWare VMs. My backups fail with an error that the independent disks cannot be backed up. I am aware of this and happy with it. So I want to be able to tell Backup Exec to ignore this error and mark my jobs as completed sucesfully.

See discussion here:

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I'm getting similar problem when backing up my CIFS shares.  It complains the backup completed but with exceptions - that the windows agent is not installed.  

I would like to be able to supress this error message for these particular jobs.

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I'd like to see this option too, particularly for warnings like "the backup options have changed", as this would make it easier to diagnose unexpected exceptions.

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I also need to suppress alerts when I back up a Windows 2000 server.  BE2012 won't let me upgrade the remote agent on a Windows 2000 server.  It will back up the server successfully.  But it gives me a "job completed with exceptions" that I need to upgrade the remote agent.

Catch 22

And I am NOT going to upgrade the Windows OS.

Right now - the only way to suppress a message is to disable the entire "job completed with exceptions" category.  This is not acceptable either.

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This would be nice to have.

F.ex in BE2014 I have Fujitsu Celvin NAS devices which for some reason are identified as "Microsoft Windows Server" even when they have been added into view "Backup and Restore" using type "File Server or NDMP data server" which should not require Backup exec agent at all.

When backup job finishes there are still annoying "warning" about "Remote agent not detected". Because it is not possible to install agent into this kind of device, it would be good to get rid of these kind of unnecessary reminders.

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