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Options for Redaction Color

Created: 28 Feb 2013 | 1 comment
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Clearwell - Need the ability to redact documents with either 100% opaque white or black as opposed to only being able to redact in a 20% grey-scale.

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Can you please explain more?  When redacting in Clearwell, the inital redaction block shows as gray so that the redaction can be reviewed - either by yourself in a second pass or by other members of your team prior to production.  It is an aid to your team - who all have access to the unredacted versions, after all.

When you go through the steps to produce the document, however, the redaction is burned in as fully-opaque.  You should only ever be exposing the produced version to the outsiders.  They never get to see the "redacted view".

So with that in mind, that "redaction" is really just the first step in a two-part process, why do you need that first step to be fully-opaque?  That would get in the way of your ability to QA the redaction tags.

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