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Participant Hit Counts in Search Report

Created: 05 Mar 2013 • Updated: 07 Mar 2013
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Here's a common use case:

You have a large data set in-scope for review. While the attorneys are working on defining the scope of the review, there is back-and-forth with the regulator/subpoena-issuer/opposing-party, etc, to this end. Your attorney asks you to provide hit counts for various participants -- specifically, searching for participants and reporting out the hits BY participant.

If you've ever had to do this, you know that there isn't really a good way to do it. If you search for all the participants at once (using the participant picker), you can't see the hits by participant... Sure, in your results, you can go to the "participants" tab and see a list of all the participants contained within your search results... but imagine you are searching for 20 high-profile participants in a set of 100K+ email... that "participants" tab is going to be FILLED with other participants to your messages... not just the ones that you searched for to generate the hits. The only way to really get to this information is to affirmatively search for each participant individually... not bad with 1-3 participants, slow with 5-10, nearly debilitating with 20+.

Proposal: The search report, which reports hits by term/keyword, should also show hits by participants, as defined in the participant picker.